Sunday, June 20, 2010

New york, New orleans, and Louisiana

So just a couple weeks ago I headed to the south with Seth (he is the hot boyfriend) to his roots of Louisiana. It seriously was a BLAST! If youre like me, you pictured the dirty dirty as hot, humid, dirty and lots of trailers. Well the hot & humid part is definately true.. but its actually super pretty, lots of green rolling hills and full of surprises all week. From the hot cajun jambalaya & Benyas, to the aligator meat & crawfish, i was pleasently surprised. However, pictures say it better than words.. so hear is a little taste.

We had a 6 hour layover in New York City, I had never been so we took the subway into the city!

The infamous, Bourbon street. We must have tried to have someone take this picture at least 12 times before we got the sign in it! crazy cajuns.

I think this is so cool. Its called the boardwalk, its just a really pretty outdoor mall. You can see the riverboats in the back, just like on pricess and the frog!

& this is the town Seth grew up in. Haughton, Louisiana.

We went to the Aligator farm! This giant pond had about 30 Aligators in it and we watched them feed them. So cool!

They are HUGE!! I would not want to be stuck in a swamp with these.

Then we went to Mud Bug Madness! The day was full of crazy Zydacoe(sp?) bands that played the washboard with spoons on their bellys, aligator, crawish, nacus meat pies, and dr pepper. and of course the hot hot heat. This was such a cool way to totally experience the culture.

To end the drip.. we jumped in his grandmas van and headed the trek home. Yes we drove! 24 hrs.. The trip was amazing. Amazing good food, wonderful new friends and family, and a weekend of brand new culture. Take me back!

its about time..

Well... Ive been creeping on everyones blogs for so long i thought it might be time to just do it myself. Facebook is getting pretty old & its time for something new to fill extra time. Plus someone once told me they use this as their journal... i swear i wont spill that many secrets but it might be fun to share exciting things. Im not engaged, nor married or any new kids... but i do have a hot boyfriend, some new turtles (who keep trying to escape) and perhaps some funny things to write about. So here we go...