Tuesday, December 7, 2010

127 hours

-we saw this movie on thanksgiving. I can honestly say it was the most intense thing I've ever seen. I couldn't stop saying the whole movie that this was actually real. I just couldn't believe it. I don't know if I could do the same thing if I were ever in that kind of situation. We just left the theater shaking our heads shocked. It even makes me cringe writing about it now. So powerful. So so powerful.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

New. Favorite. Food

K honestly.. People have been saying this for days, but we finally tried it out and I am in love. I love the smashfries, I love the chicken avacado sandwich, and I LOVE the fried pickles. Fried pickles have been my new obsession since the last louisiana trip and these one are soo good . If you haven't tried it yet.. I suggest you do ASAP!

Oh ya. And netflix... We jumped on that bandwagon too. SUPER LEGIT!

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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Two freaking weeks baby..

Till this boy.

Becomes my Mr.

& I don't think I could be more giddy about it!!

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Saturday, November 6, 2010

My new home.

Goodbye Utah.
Hello Shreveport, Louisiana.
I'm not joking.
At all.
My soon to be husband (man I like the sound of that) is heading back home for nursing school. And since I'm his soon to be wifey, I'm part of that package deal.
In all seriousness. I am stoked. I have lived in Provo Utah my whole life. And getting away from these winters may be one of the biggest perks. Plus we get to go through that whole depending on each other stuff everyone keeps talking about. And hopefully I get a little accent. And hopefully not gain 100 lbs off that food. Fried? Totally normal to be in front of every food group.
Oh ya and we found an apartment. We are renting the green one.

Hahahahahhahaha just kidding.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Cannot. Get. Enough.

Of this little boy!! Honestly, do I not have the worlds cutest little nephew?

Favorite picture ever. Hands down.

To all iPhone lovers..

... You must get fatbooth. HILARIOUS. End of story.

Hahah so wrong.




Tell me you find this just as amusing as I do. Please. Hahahhaha
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Dear Kylee,
Please take a second and look at this beauty.
Just admit it... My pumpkin totally blew yours out of the water this year.
I've really been practicing since 2008.
I totally understand why you didn't invite me to the annual party.
You would've been embarrassed in front of your friends.
Ps. In case you were wondering, I carved this the same way we carved that wooden table in your loft....... with a spoon.
Love, Ashley.

Luv n all dat stuff

Sooo I haven't blogged in weeks, I've been a little pre occupied. It might have something to do with planning a whole wedding in 7 1/2 weeks!!! You heard me. 4 weeks from right now I will marry this shaggy southern boy I always talk about and I couldn't be more excited!! Honesty I don't know how people stay engaged for 4 or more months.. I'm bout ready to hit up the drive thru chapel! (totally kidding mom)
We had Natalie Warner take some engagements and she is amazing... Totally recommend her any day of the week. Seth liked her cause she let us kiss a lot.. Hahha... But really.

Tell me that dimple isn't the cutest thing you've ever seen. Even if you say it isn't, you're lying.
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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Love this thing called fall!!

I love this time of year!
The clothes.... Sweaters, scarfs & boots. LOVE IT!
The Haunted houses.. The pumpkin carving.. The soup and candy!! I love the leaves changing color and how pretty the mountains look. aannndddd I love it for ByU football!! The tailgate parties.. The loud announcer and stadium.. The excitement in the air! All of it.
Plus I'm super stoked to have this boy to enjoy it all with me!!

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Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Blackjack. 21. Get it? Get it? Creative.

Yes that's my birthday on the top of my chocolate milk bottle at subway. (comes with kids meal)

Only 12 days till my 21st birthday!!
No I won't be drinking.
No I won't be clubbing.
Yes I will be gambling!
Just kidding mom.
But really. I dominate the poker table.

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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

summa timmeee.. & the livins eassyy

this is nessa. my little sister. she is a babe. and available. but only for the most goodlooking, smart, best boys.

only a few weeks till i get to suck on those lips and squeeze that chubby tummy!!

yes he is that hot in real life. told you i had a hot boyfriend. yummy!

meet my best friend...

first of all. isnt she one of the most beautiful brides youve ever seen? ill answer for you... yes she is. and isnt her hair just BEAUTIFUL. okay fine i did the hair.. just had to slip that in there.
This is Simone. and it would not be an understatement to say she is one of the best people i know. i love this girl. more than i can ever explain. i look back at memories from high school and not one of them dont include her in it. we were like 2 peas in a pod. with simone came ash and with ash always came simone. everybody knew they wouldnt get one without the other. and thats just the way we wanted it to be.

Some of my all time favorite memories however, took place within the last year. you see, we spent some time apart before that. life just took us different roads. but the moment we were able to get back together and continue with that friendship it was like it had never ended. I remember having the biggest laugh attacks doing the stupidest things on friday nights. whether it was loft dances (channing tatum) or silly stringing boys walking on their own (hilarious, try it.) or running down university avenue screaming stand out!! or tara. hahahah that was horrible. bless her heart. or building a fort and watching what i like about you. i never have laughed harder or peed my pants more then in those few months. (im not ashamed) so what if we looked like fools and didnt have a care for what anyone thought.. which we probably should have sometimes.. we were always smiling and always having fun.

more importantly,she has one of the most incredible testimonies. she was never too scared to let me know how important this gospel was in her life. my favorite of all memories were the nights we would be sitting in her car, in my driveway, on gospel topics. she was never slow to recoginize the lord in her life and she made me a better person. ill always be grateful for that. Carson brown is one of the luckiest guys in this entire world, and the only reason i approved of him taking over, was because he realized that as well. he has one of gods most special daughters. and i was lucky enough to have her apart of my life as well..

only 3 more weeks and a million more readers digest to go.

i love you monkey.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

My life as of late..

Stadium of fire was saturday night. my dad surprised us with tickets and seriously was a blast!! carrie underwood is spectacular. it was so fun for seth to be there with my family.. eating charleston chews and my moms beloved treat her kettle corn. mm yummy, we had great seats just right up from the stage and we were way close to where the fireworks went off. so close that we could feel the warmth from them. such a fun fun night! we missed you jer, ki, case, and baby kai! next year for sure.

These glasses made the fire works look sick. i wish we had thought to put them on the whole time!

ness, me and seth. precious.
yes she really was this stoked for carrie underwood!

Friday night me seth, jace and leslie went to chilies and the owlz game. it was a blast!! the owl mascot kept trying to get leslie to flash him and seriously it was so funny! it was a great game and ended in cool fireworks. just prepared us for the next night of INSANE fireworks at the stadium of fireworks!!

Simones reception! she actually got married over a month ago, but they moved to texas so carson could sell apx and came back last weekend for their reception! i wish i would have taken more pictures. but YES i caught the bouquet!! that puts me 2-2. hahah. it was so fun to see her and be able to do her hair, catching up all day! i lovee you girl. mcdonalds before you leave me back to texas? perfect.

I finally graduated hair school! so my mom threw me a ugly hair party. so fun! she ahd everyone dress up in as crazy hair as possible. i think she looks cute!

Seth slicked his hair back into a pony... nasty. luckily the mustache was gone by now. (yes that really happened)

This is ness and the earnest kids.. she babysat them for a week. their hair is LEGIT!

And this is my dads version of craazy hair... hes just a boonga.

Happy 23rd baby boyyy!

It was this guys birthday a few weeks ago. im sorry i suck at blogging already. but he wanted me to give him a shout out so here you go dude! He is 23 yrs old and probably one of the coolest people i know. youve never met anyone as chill, patient, kind or obviously good looking as him. He has the kindest heart and he is always down for a spur of the moment fun! (aka our cruise last september and our new york day trip a few weeks ago.) We have so much fun when we are together, most of the time poking fun of the other person. but its all in good fun. I love how happy he makes me and im so glad he is still a part of my life! We started the day off with maglebys french toast... and a full day at the pool! motorcycle rides and cafe rio of course. Then we headed to eagle mountain for a tracy lawrence concert and firework show! it was a blast of a day. I LOVE YOU!!!!

funny side note... for weeks and weeks seth had said he wanted these shoes.. tan sperrys. i told him over and over that they were sooo ugly and he should not be seen wearing those!! well in the back of my mind i thought they were legit but wanted to get them for his birthday.. you should have seen the look on his face when he opened them! CLASSIC!!

Oh ya. and you might notice his hair is quite a bit longer in all these pics.. the first one is the most recent.. finally talked him into cutting and boy does he look handsome or what?? gooodbye hippie... hello elder martin. hahha

Sunday, June 20, 2010

New york, New orleans, and Louisiana

So just a couple weeks ago I headed to the south with Seth (he is the hot boyfriend) to his roots of Louisiana. It seriously was a BLAST! If youre like me, you pictured the dirty dirty as hot, humid, dirty and lots of trailers. Well the hot & humid part is definately true.. but its actually super pretty, lots of green rolling hills and full of surprises all week. From the hot cajun jambalaya & Benyas, to the aligator meat & crawfish, i was pleasently surprised. However, pictures say it better than words.. so hear is a little taste.

We had a 6 hour layover in New York City, I had never been so we took the subway into the city!

The infamous, Bourbon street. We must have tried to have someone take this picture at least 12 times before we got the sign in it! crazy cajuns.

I think this is so cool. Its called the boardwalk, its just a really pretty outdoor mall. You can see the riverboats in the back, just like on pricess and the frog!

& this is the town Seth grew up in. Haughton, Louisiana.

We went to the Aligator farm! This giant pond had about 30 Aligators in it and we watched them feed them. So cool!

They are HUGE!! I would not want to be stuck in a swamp with these.

Then we went to Mud Bug Madness! The day was full of crazy Zydacoe(sp?) bands that played the washboard with spoons on their bellys, aligator, crawish, nacus meat pies, and dr pepper. and of course the hot hot heat. This was such a cool way to totally experience the culture.

To end the drip.. we jumped in his grandmas van and headed the trek home. Yes we drove! 24 hrs.. The trip was amazing. Amazing good food, wonderful new friends and family, and a weekend of brand new culture. Take me back!