Sunday, April 17, 2011

Holiday in Dixie

I live in such a cool place. It seems the people around here are always finding reasons to party. Luckily, the swamp man and I both had an afternoon off.. Which never happens. So we celebrated with sushi and a carnival. We didn't ride any of the rides, carnival rides are sketchy don't you think? But we did have fun playing the games and walking around enjoying the absolute perfect weather. We finished the night off with Jurassic park and a geaux-sickle. (pronounced go, not jewx like I thought btw). Perfect date night to me!

Feel free to insert short joke here.

Oh ya. And husband surprised me with my first pair of TOMS. Couldn't be more obsessed. Laugh all you want but my feet look good. Isn't he the sweetest?

Saturday, April 2, 2011

kai turns one. bowling, mud riding. perfect visit.

We were able to go to Utah a couple weeks ago to visit family and be apart of swamp mans sisters wedding. Her wedding was beautiful and it was amazing being able to see everyone!

My older sis Kiara was visiting from AZ and threw baby Kai's birthday party two weeks earlier so i could be there! I'm so glad i was able to be there for that! Kai is the worlds cutest baby and a monkey themed party fit him perfectly.

kai's best present was from his mommy and daddy.. a new little brother or sister coming this october!! i CANNOT wait to be an auntie again.

Before we headed back to louisiana we spent the day at cafe rio (one thing i really miss. there i go talking about food again psh) and bowling with my family. The funniest part of the day was when my mom, with a huge cast on her broken leg, went to throw the bowling ball and slid over the line and FLEW into the air and onto her back. now this may sound terrible but believe me when i say it was the funniest thing i think i have ever seen. and luckily no damage was done. I loved spending time with my family!

few moments not captured but worthy of mention
-envelope game. i could not even begin to explain how funny this night was.
-meeting jers new girl. and making great first impressions. hahahah
-cold stone. mmmm
-sushi night
-idiot game. over and over again
-visit with simone and carson
-justin bieber 3d with swamp man and my fav little sister. worth a post of its own
-late night talks
-spending time with seths family

and of course, no trip would be completed without a jet blue experience. sleeping over night in airport. flight to long beach. 6 hour layover. flight to austin. drive to dallas pick up car. drive to diana pick up other car. drive to shreveport. 25 hr travel time.
are you tired now? cause i sure am.

wheres the nearest gym?

so i was going through all my pictures today and i saw a very common trend.....

we are always eating.
me and swamp man were looking at looziana facts the other day on msn. you might find it interesting to know that looziana is the #1 happiest state in the whole country. its true, it is. and i am here to tell you i now know why. from fried pickles, fried wings, fried twinkies, fried hot dogs and even fried french fries...and of course youve gotta wash it down with a giant dr pepper. who aint happy when they are eatin all the time. now im not complainin, they sure know how to do it right around here. but this little belly of mine sure aint happy with me.
jillian michaels, youre callin my name.