Saturday, November 13, 2010

Two freaking weeks baby..

Till this boy.

Becomes my Mr.

& I don't think I could be more giddy about it!!

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Saturday, November 6, 2010

My new home.

Goodbye Utah.
Hello Shreveport, Louisiana.
I'm not joking.
At all.
My soon to be husband (man I like the sound of that) is heading back home for nursing school. And since I'm his soon to be wifey, I'm part of that package deal.
In all seriousness. I am stoked. I have lived in Provo Utah my whole life. And getting away from these winters may be one of the biggest perks. Plus we get to go through that whole depending on each other stuff everyone keeps talking about. And hopefully I get a little accent. And hopefully not gain 100 lbs off that food. Fried? Totally normal to be in front of every food group.
Oh ya and we found an apartment. We are renting the green one.

Hahahahahhahaha just kidding.