Saturday, October 30, 2010

Cannot. Get. Enough.

Of this little boy!! Honestly, do I not have the worlds cutest little nephew?

Favorite picture ever. Hands down.

To all iPhone lovers..

... You must get fatbooth. HILARIOUS. End of story.

Hahah so wrong.




Tell me you find this just as amusing as I do. Please. Hahahhaha
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Dear Kylee,
Please take a second and look at this beauty.
Just admit it... My pumpkin totally blew yours out of the water this year.
I've really been practicing since 2008.
I totally understand why you didn't invite me to the annual party.
You would've been embarrassed in front of your friends.
Ps. In case you were wondering, I carved this the same way we carved that wooden table in your loft....... with a spoon.
Love, Ashley.

Luv n all dat stuff

Sooo I haven't blogged in weeks, I've been a little pre occupied. It might have something to do with planning a whole wedding in 7 1/2 weeks!!! You heard me. 4 weeks from right now I will marry this shaggy southern boy I always talk about and I couldn't be more excited!! Honesty I don't know how people stay engaged for 4 or more months.. I'm bout ready to hit up the drive thru chapel! (totally kidding mom)
We had Natalie Warner take some engagements and she is amazing... Totally recommend her any day of the week. Seth liked her cause she let us kiss a lot.. Hahha... But really.

Tell me that dimple isn't the cutest thing you've ever seen. Even if you say it isn't, you're lying.
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