Thursday, January 20, 2011

I'm still alive. And yes, Louisiana does have cell coverage and Internet service.

Its been months since I've updated. And I'm only doing this for my mom sisters and you Simone.
After a 3 day 26 hour journey.. We made it to Shreveport, Louisiana. And man is this place awesome! But seriously, I love it. I love that the girl in front of me at church Sunday could get away with wearing an LSU snuggie allll of church with noone saying anything .
I love that the man that bore his testimony said the last time he heard singing that good was behind prison bars! But don't you worry ... Cause he's glad he ain't there anymore! Oh and Jesus amen.
I love that I am one hundred percent the minority here." I am a Mormon. ya know? Lds? Uhhh we love Jesus too."
I love that I attend baptist bible study every Tuesday from 2-3 with the girls I work with. And we hold hands in a circle to pray.
I love that when people ask, I have to say no I don't drink wine, or beer, or even sweet tea.. Only dr pepper.
I loveeeee blue bell ice cream.
I love that my momma misses me.
I love my new husband. I love being a part of the place and people and food that raised him.
But most of all, I love how I see more clearly the hand of my heavenly father in my every day life. Pushing me, helping me, and molding me into the person I need to become.
God is good. Oh so good.
Ps. Momma I miss you too.

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