Saturday, October 30, 2010

Dear Kylee,
Please take a second and look at this beauty.
Just admit it... My pumpkin totally blew yours out of the water this year.
I've really been practicing since 2008.
I totally understand why you didn't invite me to the annual party.
You would've been embarrassed in front of your friends.
Ps. In case you were wondering, I carved this the same way we carved that wooden table in your loft....... with a spoon.
Love, Ashley.


  1. yours is not even that cool. do you call that pinhole in the center of his face a nose? or is that just an oreo crumb... I can't tell.
    i would invite you to my pumpkin party next year..but you won't be living here anymore.
    remember when you came last year? yeah that was a lot of fun when you stopped by for 5 seconds.

    how's your BFF Onch doing?

    hahaha i love you like so much

  2. hahahaha. i love you two so much. i am dying laughing. i wish the table was still around. it was such a sweet table after we were done carving in it. gosh.