Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy 23rd baby boyyy!

It was this guys birthday a few weeks ago. im sorry i suck at blogging already. but he wanted me to give him a shout out so here you go dude! He is 23 yrs old and probably one of the coolest people i know. youve never met anyone as chill, patient, kind or obviously good looking as him. He has the kindest heart and he is always down for a spur of the moment fun! (aka our cruise last september and our new york day trip a few weeks ago.) We have so much fun when we are together, most of the time poking fun of the other person. but its all in good fun. I love how happy he makes me and im so glad he is still a part of my life! We started the day off with maglebys french toast... and a full day at the pool! motorcycle rides and cafe rio of course. Then we headed to eagle mountain for a tracy lawrence concert and firework show! it was a blast of a day. I LOVE YOU!!!!

funny side note... for weeks and weeks seth had said he wanted these shoes.. tan sperrys. i told him over and over that they were sooo ugly and he should not be seen wearing those!! well in the back of my mind i thought they were legit but wanted to get them for his birthday.. you should have seen the look on his face when he opened them! CLASSIC!!

Oh ya. and you might notice his hair is quite a bit longer in all these pics.. the first one is the most recent.. finally talked him into cutting and boy does he look handsome or what?? gooodbye hippie... hello elder martin. hahha

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