Tuesday, August 3, 2010

meet my best friend...

first of all. isnt she one of the most beautiful brides youve ever seen? ill answer for you... yes she is. and isnt her hair just BEAUTIFUL. okay fine i did the hair.. just had to slip that in there.
This is Simone. and it would not be an understatement to say she is one of the best people i know. i love this girl. more than i can ever explain. i look back at memories from high school and not one of them dont include her in it. we were like 2 peas in a pod. with simone came ash and with ash always came simone. everybody knew they wouldnt get one without the other. and thats just the way we wanted it to be.

Some of my all time favorite memories however, took place within the last year. you see, we spent some time apart before that. life just took us different roads. but the moment we were able to get back together and continue with that friendship it was like it had never ended. I remember having the biggest laugh attacks doing the stupidest things on friday nights. whether it was loft dances (channing tatum) or silly stringing boys walking on their own (hilarious, try it.) or running down university avenue screaming stand out!! or tara. hahahah that was horrible. bless her heart. or building a fort and watching what i like about you. i never have laughed harder or peed my pants more then in those few months. (im not ashamed) so what if we looked like fools and didnt have a care for what anyone thought.. which we probably should have sometimes.. we were always smiling and always having fun.

more importantly,she has one of the most incredible testimonies. she was never too scared to let me know how important this gospel was in her life. my favorite of all memories were the nights we would be sitting in her car, in my driveway, on gospel topics. she was never slow to recoginize the lord in her life and she made me a better person. ill always be grateful for that. Carson brown is one of the luckiest guys in this entire world, and the only reason i approved of him taking over, was because he realized that as well. he has one of gods most special daughters. and i was lucky enough to have her apart of my life as well..

only 3 more weeks and a million more readers digest to go.

i love you monkey.

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  1. that was a roller coaster! from laughing out loud by myself in a hotel room to having my throat get all tight! I love you and can't wait to make more memories! girls trips with our husbands money hahahah lots of fun things im ssure! cant wait to come back!